Impact Pink Squad Collection

The 2020 Breast Cancer Campaign

Around the world, we are experiencing challenging times living amidst the coronavirus pandemic. This is true for all of those impacted by the disease, especially the breast cancer community, which now faces increased risk and vulnerability. But these days have also brought a renewed sense of unity, hope and inclusiveness, as we all join together. At HHIMPACT, it has only reaffirmed how crucial it is to support one another as well as medical research, all of those currently living with breast cancer, vulnerable groups who may face a disparity in access to healthcare, and the doctors, nurses and caretakers on the front lines.

Though we know the world has changed, our Breast Cancer Campaign’s steadfast commitment to end breast cancer in our lifetime is stronger than ever. We continue to rally people everywhere, all inspired by our mission. It’s #ImpactPinkSquad

The Pink Ribbon is a globally recognized symbol for breast cancer, however, what it represents goes so much further. It’s what unites us, what brings us hope, and what symbolizes our fight for a cure. It’s a movement, it’s a representation of our diverse global community, and it honors each and every one of us touched by this disease: patients, loved ones, caregivers, doctors, thrivers, advocates and more.

Social Media Call-to-Action

The 2020 Breast Cancer Campaign has launched a new social media call-to-action to rally supporters and raise funds for National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Show us your clothing from our Pink Squad Collection and share what it means to you. Use the hashtag #Impactpinksquad and join us in supporting the global breast cancer community. Because it’s always been more than a ribbon.

For the month of October, HHIMPACT is committed to help support the fight by donating 25% of our sales to National Breast Cancer Foundation.