Our Story

I was always an athlete growing up but never was into the weights or learning how to take care of my body. Just like most men in their 20’s , I was more about just going out partying and making money. But then I started out my fitness journey back in 2006. Why? My sister was planning a destination wedding and I had 6 months to get my beach body 🙂

As I trained, I notice a deeper mental connection with my body and had a better understanding of what it was capable of doing. I got really into it by researching different exercises and workouts to better myself. As the years gone by, it became a part of my life. I looked forward to hitting the gym everyday, heck I would rather be at the gym then some party!

I also notice a change in my wardrobe as well. I gave up my suits for activewear. Just like most active people, I wore the name brands. As I gotten older, I felt the brand names didn’t fit with my social goals. Yeah it’s cool to show them off to impress your friends, but I didn’t feel like they cared as much as I do about helping promote an active lifestyle with their expensive clothing and socially, bring a positive influence to people and their communities.

So that’s when I decided to start one on my own. HH Impact Sportswear was founded in 2017, in New York City. It’s an athletic apparel company for fitness enthusiasts that also want to share their positive vibes and support others that want to make a change in their own lives and communities.

Make An Impact

My mission is to help each individual transform into the person they want to be by living an active lifestyle. If we can make an impact in every person, they will in turn help share their success with others and their communities, thus Make An Impact!

Impact Fit Squad

Everyone of our customers are officially part of the Impact Fit Squad! You can make a difference just by purchasing one of our apparels. We donate a portion of our sales to our Impact Charities as well as create career videos for teenagers on our Youtube Channel: HHImpactTV

So be a part of the Impact Fit Squad and help Make An Impact!!!