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The Mikey’s Pawsome Charity aka Pawome Squad, provides funding for Animal Rescue organizations that helps provide care, adoption programs, fostering, special needs services, and/or public awareness for rescue animals. Rescue organization are given funding based on several criteria such as, but not limited, to size of the organization, mission, available finances, and how funds will be allocated.

We host several events through out the year in order to generate more funding. Nominated rescue organizations will be recipients of the funding from these events. Our goal is to help these rescue organizations continue their programs and services that will result in more rescues placed in their forever home.

You can help us by clicking the donate button to make a contribution. If you are able, please consider making a recurring monthly gift to aid our rescue efforts and receive a free gift!

Mikey's Pawsome Merchandise

Look Awesome and Show your support for our Impact Charity Event!

All proceeds will go towards helping local animal rescues maintain a place for animals to stay until they find their forever home!

They ❤ Us!

Here are some few testimonials from our clients.

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